We have been incredibly fortunate to work with inspired educators and student group leaders, collaborating to create dynamic, personalized, and experiential opportunities for the children in our communities. If our mission resonates with you, consider becoming a partner. 

“As a mentor and tutor, this is what I look forward to every week. I love seeing all the students improve and I love how interested and ready they are to learn.” - Student and Mentor at Northwestern University

Meet our current Partners.

adams friendship high school

Adams Friendship, Wisconsin

“Facilitating personalized learning journeys that connect students to community partners through their interests, strengths, and personalized goals.”

Cool Classics! Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

“Committed to improving literacy among low-income elementary school students, expanding their sense of arts, culture and humanities, creating readers and critical thinkers, serving schools that have lost arts and culture programs and are overwhelmed by demands of test-driven curricula.”

Eagle scholars

Dallas, Texas

“Passionately developing a strong, organized, and evaluated effort to provide a continuum of educational and enrichment programs to carry children from birth through high school and into higher education.”


Mcgaw ymca young achievers

Evanston, Illinois

“Aiming to help youth master high school, enter and succeed in college, and aspire to careers.”


Lincoln high school

Manitowoc, Wisconsin

“Dedicated to challenging each student  and determined to teach them the skills needed to make their dreams come true.”



y.o.u. Youth & opportunity united

Evanston, Illinois

“A youth development agency that provides services and leadership to meet the emerging needs of young people and their families in our community.”

“One of the main reasons why I feel like I enjoyed this experience is the opportunity to give back to the community and to motivate the youth to excel; to share my love for academics.” - Student and Mentor at Northwestern University

Thank You.