We are only as Big as Our Dreams.


Do you love the outdoors? Do spend your free time designing clothing or drawing houses? Do you have a flare for the culinary arts?

Teachers and mentors

Do you have students with great potential and passion? Would you like to provide these children with life changing experiences based on their interests?


camps and organizations

Do you provide experiential learning opportunities for students? Would you like the opportunity to impact a greater amount of children?

A Bigger World Foundation


A Bigger World Foundation recognizes the potential in every student and values the power of channeling preexisting passions and inspirations into real world opportunities. By exposing students to actualized examples of the opportunities their passions can afford, we instill the confidence and vision necessary in making their dreams a reality.


We thrive on the passion and inspiration of our staff, our students, and the mentors with which we have the pleasure of interacting. Find out more about our organization, what we've accomplished so far, about our partners, and how you can get involved.

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