Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions. Through understanding and collaboration, we can make a difference.

Q: Who can apply?

Teachers, mentors, and students alike are welcome to submit their requests.

Q: What will you consider as a passion?

We happily consider any ideas you have.  We love educational opportunities, but we're willing to explore other ideas as well.

Q: Where can I go?

Anywhere! It's A Big World out there.

Q: What if I have an interest area but don't know of a field trip idea to match?

We are happy to collaborate and work to find something in your area.  Let's get creative together.

Q: What kind of support does ABW offer?

Support is available for transportation, event, or food costs. Additionally, we frequently provide assistance with planning and organization.

Q: What's the best way to get my idea funded?

Certainly provide us with as much detail as you can. But, the biggest component to consider when submitting requests is WHY? Tell us why you want to go on this particular trip and how it relates to our mission of experience and opportunity.

Q: Does ABW provide chaperones?

We do not provide chaperones. That is up to you!

Q: What does a partner need to do in return for sponsorship?

All we ask is that you provide a brief synopsis of your experience that includes personal reflections and, of course, a few photos.